10 Celebs Who Have Gained Too Much Weight

1. Britney Spears

All through the last years of her career her weight has wavered, with her having kids and occasionally taking breaks from the amusement business and so forth. Britney is as of now amidst a Las Vegas residency and has as far as anyone knows stuffed on a couple of lbs, her public has been seeing and her once conditioned body is raising a few eyebrows. There’s two or three pics drifting on the Internet of Britney, and… they’re not all that complimenting. Britney’s waist is presently a little on the overwhelming side. Certainly Britney has a gym in the inn she stayin in right now, her residency group wouldn’t be as pleasant as we are later on if this proceeds. The gab of the web ought to be sufficient inspiration for Britney to get back fit as a fiddle.


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